A Better Way to be Here, There, Everywhere.

By Jeff Fisher, Senior Creative Manager

Stop us if you’ve heard this one: It takes seven impressions before your marketing message resonates with customers. But did you know frequency marketing doesn’t have to burst your budget?

At Flynn Wright, we implement smarter strategies to meet our clients’ frequency objectives … while maximizing their ROI. Like our self-managed demand side platform (DSP) that gives us tighter control over digital media placements, allowing us to target — and retarget — specific customers. Or our Direct Mail CompanionTM that serves micro-targeted digital ads to the same residences who received direct mail, eliminating wasteful spending and ensuring messaging consistency across channels.

You see — frequency marketing doesn’t have to break the bank. Now, where have we heard that before?

Print Advertising

The death of print has been greatly exaggerated, even in our digital age. It’s still proven to drive response, especially when paired with other in-market tactics.


We can help your outdoor do more. Like boards that are triggered based on time of day or type of weather. For example, serve a raincoat ad when it starts raining.

Micro-Targeted Digital

Our Direct Mail Companion takes your customer mail file and targets users’ mobile devices down to a 3-foot radius. So we can serve 2 different ads to next-door neighbors.

Broadcast/Internet Radio

Want to target suburban moms who have an affinity for hip-hop music? We can tailor your message and place it on the channels they love.

Digital Display

Ads that follow your customers around online after they’ve chosen to engage with your brand — it’s not creepy. It’s table stakes for any successful campaign.

Broadcast TV

Customers are still tuning into TV. And local advertising remains a great way to drive brand awareness as well as in-store and online traffic.

Direct Mail

Need more real estate to tell/sell your brand story to more customers? Direct mail is a proven way to turn prospects into customers. Just make sure you include an offer.

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