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Looking to Improve Your Web Ranking?

Just ask Google, Siri, Cortana and Alexa.

Voice technology can help your business improve user experience and optimize your website.

If you’ve ever told your phone to make a call or type out a message, you’re already familiar with voice search technology. In laymen’s terms, voice-search is speaking into a device, requesting information or an action, and then having that device speak back to you — hopefully providing the information you requested … or purchasing and shipping that package of toilet paper you need by tomorrow.

This technology replaces the need to physically type your search into the web browser on your phone, tablet or computer. And it’s a growing trend — with an estimated 50% of all online searches going the way of voice by 2020.

Early adopters of voice-search optimization can expect to improve brand awareness and revenue faster and for the

Hey Siri, how does a non-ecommerce brand use voice search?

We’ve been working with several of our utility clients to develop and implement voice technology that allows customers to interact with their brands via a voice-activated device. According to Google, 48% of voice-activated speaker owners are open to personalized tips and information. All the more reason we want our clients to be the go-to source for questions like: “What temperature should I set my thermostat in order to save the most money on my energy bill?”

Cortana, what are the best ways to optimize my website for voice?

Regardless of what industry you’re in, there are tips and strategies for effectively putting your company on the voice-search results map.

Write your voice responses the way you talk. Be conversational while keeping responses to under 30 words. Remember, people tend to talk to their voice-activated speakers as if they are asking a good friend for advice.

Incorporate the words “near me” in your tags and descriptions. When people are on the go, they’re most likely asking their phones for local establishments, resources and information.

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