Pint-Sized Pros

They may be young, but Generation Alpha knows superior technology when they see it, and they’re not afraid to point out the flaws of Mediacom’s competitors – and offer their enthusiasm for the smarter option.

For Mediacom’s current national campaign, we embraced the adage that wisdom comes out of the mouths of babes. Like it or not, they give their unvarnished observations, allowing us to deliver a competitive sales message with a healthy dose of creativity and humor. It also didn’t hurt our purposes that kids are on par with kittens and puppies on the cuteness scale.

We cast a wide net in our search for the perfect kids, each of whom had to meet several criteria to catch the eye of our seasoned casting crew: 1) Cuteness, 2) Nearly intolerable extroversion, 3) Acting experience, 4) Ability to take direction, and 5) A refusal to whine, even after take number 108.

Talent agencies around the country auditioned more than 100 children. After hours of reviewing auditions, we were able to narrow it down to four spunky and charismatic kiddos.

And boy, did we hit the jackpot with them. The pint-sized pros were a pleasure to work with, bringing life and energy to our competitive strategy, proving that while kids may say the “darndest things,” with the right casting they can also deliver a major dig.