Powered by Xtream

The internet is more than binge-watching. It’s photo sharing and social networking. It’s streaming live news. It’s video conferencing and telecommuting. It’s a staggering 269 billion emails bouncing around the planet daily. And it’s growing.

Which means it’s up to internet providers to keep up with the demand for bandwidth.

In our newest set of television spots for the high-performance brand, the goal was to make sure that current and potential customers understood that Xtream is more than just superfast internet and interactive TV: It’s a future-forward platform committed to making life simpler through technology – and to keeping up with its customers’ need for speed.

Three spots were shot in sunny Florida (while winter was still in full effect at home in Des Moines), allowing our team to capture the stunning footage the concepts demanded. Energetic and lively, the visual approach makes it obvious that life is just more exciting with Xtream. And these commercials don’t just look great – each spot was also artfully crafted with copy, tone and style as dynamic as the brand.

In addition to debuting new services and letting customers know that Xtream is focused on constantly delivering a higher standard of technology, the trio of spots serve as a launch pad for a full brand refresh – all while illustrating exactly why the future demands more speed.