The Digital Marketer’s New Best Friend

Taking digital targeting to a micro level.

If you’re only using ZIP codes to target customers in your digital marketing, you may be leaving money on your competitor’s front door, at least according to Kyle Prendergast, Flynn Wright’s Managing Director of Digital and Direct Marketing. “We now have the ability to track mobile devices down to a three-foot radius,” says Prendergast.

Our new Direct Mail Companion platform generates digital coordinates from customer mail files. We then use micro-geofencing technology to pinpoint those coordinates and serve personalized display ads to mobile devices within single-family households.

We now have the ability to track mobile devices down to a three-foot radius.

Redefining personal and local

One of our largest telecommunications clients is leveraging the Direct Mail Companion to deliver targeted ads to household segments. “Let’s say you have a mail file with 10 different offers,” Prendergast explains. “We can deliver correlating digital display ads to each household, based on their specific offer assignment.” This helps brands optimize campaigns by ensuring two things: First, offers are consistent across direct mail and digital tactics. And second, current customers are less likely to see richer offers often reserved for new subscribers.

Traditional IP Targeting chart
Direct Mail Campanion

Not surprisingly, we are seeing a significant lift in click-through rates with this new platform. The telecommunications client mentioned above is generating five-times higher click-through rates than the national average. And whereas traditional IP targeting typically only delivers around a 25% offer-to-household match rate, the Direct Mail Companion matches at a 99.9% rate. The scalable and robust tool is capable of supporting up to 60 million addresses per digital campaign.

In addition, we can program the platform to match a direct mail campaign’s in-home schedule, so prospects only see the ads once the direct mail is in home. Cross-device retargeting is also used once action is taken.

Segmentation and targeting are the foundations of any direct marketing campaign. Prendergast is proud of how Flynn Wright is helping drive a better ROI for its clients’ marketing budgets. “The Direct Mail Companion has given our clients a more impactful way to get in front of their best prospects.”