The Sound of Beauty

Beauty is in the eye, and in certain cases, the ear of the beholder. Knowing this, the Flynn Wright team pitched a new take on an old classic, reintroducing Josephs’ iconic music score and pairing it with a stunning visual twist.

All went according to plan as our nostalgia-stirring music selection and breathtaking visuals combined to stop customers in their tracks – and they weren’t afraid to admit it:

“My husband thinks that I might have a problem … my back was to the TV and I stopped dead in my tracks to watch this commercial. He asked how I knew it was a Josephs commercial – because of the music. LOVE!”

As a forward-thinking, results-driven agency, we know that to move ahead, you can’t be afraid to look back. The flood of positive comments has only reaffirmed what our research and strategy predicted: never underestimate the power of a simply beautiful idea.