Picture Perfect

Our graphic designers will tell you that putting together an ad is a lot like arranging a room: context is everything. If one thing isn’t right, the whole thing can feel off balance. For the new Redekers in Boone, that principle certainly applies. When you’re investing in heirloom-quality furniture that you’ll have for years to come, it has to look – and feel – just right. And from the finer features to the big picture, Redekers has never looked better.

In TV, print and on an entirely new website that will debut soon, the art lies in displaying both depth and detail. Wide pan and dramatic shots of Redekers’ stunning showroom give customers a sense of the incredible inventory of furniture and accessories ready to be discovered, while tighter, more focused imagery and high-impact macro shots highlight the exquisite quality Redekers is known for. It’s an approach that brings it all together, capturing the unique Redekers experience and making it clear that Redekers is, and always will be, a true shopping destination.