Don’t Forget … Inspire the Innovators

It’s easy to say innovation is important. But implementing it is a far more difficult task. The word innovation has in some ways become synonymous with motivational rhetoric, so without strong leadership, the employees you’re looking to empower to be innovative may not feel your efforts are authentic. Or they’re left asking, what now? Sound familiar?

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Improve Your Web Ranking

If you’ve ever told your phone to make a call or type out a message, you’re already familiar with voice search technology. In laymen’s terms, voice-search is speaking into a device, requesting information or an action, and then having that device speak back to you — hopefully providing the information you requested … or purchasing and shipping that package of toilet paper you need by tomorrow.

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Discussing Our Demand Side Platform

Programmatic media buying is technology that now allows advertisers to access audiences across the internet on thousands of different websites based on their interests or behaviors, and not necessarily based on the content they are consuming. In the past, if you were trying to reach sports enthusiasts to buy a tennis racket, you would place an ad directly on Now, you can reach sports enthusiasts across the entire internet, no matter where they are surfing.

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Fundamentally Speaking: Creative Testing

Getting feedback from your target audience can be valuable at various stages of the development process – and creative testing is one of the best methods. So, let’s look at the different options for creative testing. Most importantly, please refer to the questions on the back to help you determine if, and when, testing is right (or wrong) for your project.

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The evolution of the Influencer

The natural history of “the influencer” is quite remarkable for a phenomenon that’s so widely considered ultramodern. And to be certain, between the proliferation of #sponcon posts on social media and the record numbers of Americans filing taxes as independent contractors for the Flat Tummy Company, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence behind that misperception.

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